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Geranium Bronze
Cacyreus marshalli (Butler, 1897)

Geranium Bronze egg.
  Geranium Bronze caterpillar.
  Geranium Bronze chrysalis
Geranium Bronze
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Insecta: Lepidoptera : Family Lycaenidae: Subfamily Lycaeninae : Genus Cacyreus: Species marshalli:
The Geranium Bronze is a small butterfly which only occurs in the UK as a rare accidental introduction usually as a result of the import of Geranium and Pelargonium plants via the Garden Nursery trade. The Butterflies arrive as live eggs or larvae which develop and emerge as butterflies.
Anywhere where the larval foodplants occur. In Europe places where cultivated Pelargonium and Geranium plants are used in gardens roadside verges and window boxes.
The Geranium Bronze was first recorded in the UK in 1997 and occasional sightings usually as a result of imported Geranium and Pelargonium plants still occur. In the UK the status of the Geranium Bronze is being monitored by DEFRA and the Plant Health Service. All sightings should be reported to The Plant Health Service.

The Geranium Bronze has become established in many Mediterranean countries in recent years and can be a major problem for the horticultural trade where it has been a particular problem in Ibiza Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca. It naturally occurs in South Africa but has spread to Spain, Italy, Portugal and the Canary Islands while in France, it has spread rapidly over the last few years.
Where to see the Geranium Bronze in the British Isles
Other notes
Lifecycle chart
Flight chart
The lifecycle and flight charts should be regarded as approximate guides to the Geranium Bronze in Britain. Specific lifecycle states, adult emergence and peak flight times vary from year to year due to variations in weather conditions.
IUCN category status 2010 5   IUCN category status 2007 34
--awaiting data-- --awaiting data--

5Fox, R., Warren, M., Brereton, T. M., Roy, D. B. & Robinson, A.
(2010) A new Red List of British Butterflies. Insect Conservation and Diversity.
Not Applicable Not Applicable

3Fox, R., Warren, M & Brereton, T.
(2007) New Red List of British Butterflies. Butterfly Conservation, Wareham.

4More information about IUCN categories.
UK status
Larval foodplants
Cultivated Pelargonium and Geranium plants in the UK and Europe.
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Population trends 1
UK Population trend 1995-2004 not applicable
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1Fox, R., Asher. J., Brereton. T., Roy, D & Warren, M. (2006) The State of Butterflies in Britain & Ireland, Pices, Oxford.
UK BAP status 2
UK BAP status not applicable (link)

2For information about the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, visit the JNCC web site

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* Records shown in outside the natural distribution may be the result of illegal or accidental releases by breeders or, depending upon the species, migrant individuals from mainland Europe.

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Records prior to 1st January 1900 are not shown.

The NBN Gateway does not hold any data for the Geranium Bronze.
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