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Based on the details you have provided, we have been unable to find a British butterfly which matches the criteria you entered.

There may be a few reasons why this is;

1. Some day-flying moths can be mistaken for butterflies.

2. The butterfly you saw may not be a native species. It may have escaped from a butterfly house nearby or it may have been accidentally or unlawfully released by a breeder.

3. Different people see patterns and colours differently and as a result, things which appear as key features to some people are not noticed by others. Because of this, we are constantly working to improve our database to produce increasingly accurate results.

What do I do next?
1. Try using the online identification tool again... its worth trying a different combination of criteria or broadening your search.

2. If you are still unable to identify the butterfly, please use the form below to contact me (do not use the the contact form on my contact page) and I will personally attempt to identify the butterfly for you. Where required, I may email you back. Occasionally I may request a photograph if you have one to help confirm identification.

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