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During winter, thoughts turn to other butterfly related pursuits... when the weather is fine, egg and larval searches can be undertaken but on dark, damp days, other activities such as collecting butterfly related ephemera come to the fore.

Old postcards, cigarette cards and stamps of a butterfly or moth theme are easy to obtain and generally cost a few pounds for a complete set. Some items may be particularly rare or sought after and may take many years to acquire.

For me, old cigarette cards and postcards make for an interesting collection featuring some fantastic art, design and printing techniques. They're also an historic record of how we valued and understood butterflies in the past.

Some of my favourite sets are shown here but there are many other popular sets easily obtainable such as John Players Cigarette Cards and Grandee Cigar Cards.

If you have any items from those shown on this page available for sale, I would love to hear from you.

For Sale
I often have various interesting collectable items for sale in my online store.
  Kinney Bros Butterflies of the World
N217 Type 2 Kinney Bros Butterflies of the World issued in 1888 (or 1890 -white backgrounds) in the US.

This set is particularly attractive featuring butterflies set against floral backgrounds. The set consists of two parts.

The first part is 50 unnumbered designs printed on to a gold/brown background.

The second part consists of just 10 numbered cards with white/cream backgrounds.

Kinney Bros Butterflies of the World.

Here are some more examples from the Kinney series.
  Kinney Bros Butterflies of the World - White Background - Number 4 of 10.
Kinney Bros. Butterflies Album
This Album of Butterflies was issued by Kinney Bros around 1890. It was not intended to hold individually collected cards such as those illustrated above like later albums. Instead, it depicted illustrations of butterflies on 10 colour chromolithographic plates and were produced as souvenirs.

View the Kinney Bros. Butterfly Album.
  Kinney Bros. Butterflies Album   Kinney Bros. Butterflies Album
Kinney Bros. Novelties
N228 Type 3 Kinney Bros. Novelties series were issued in 1889.

Part of the series 25 cards, one card came in the form of a butterfly.

View the butterfly card from the Kinney Bros. Novelties series.
  Kinney Bros. Novelties   Kinney Bros. Novelties
Cadbury's Cocoa Reward Cards
Cadbury's published a series of postcard size reward cards in 1910. These were for use in Schools and Sunday Schools and were given to children as a prize for good attendance with a space provided on the reverse of the card where the childs name could be entered.

The series consists of 32 cards in total showing butterfly and moth images and life stages to the front and a description and advertisement for Cadbury's Cocoa on the reverse.

View more examples from the cadbury's series.
  Cadbury's Cocoa Reward Cards.   Cadbury's Cocoa Reward Cards.
Leibig Extract of Meat Company
Liebig's Extract of Meat Company (Lemco) was the originator of Liebig and Oxo meat extracts and later Oxo beef stock cubes.

It was named after Baron Justus von Liebig, the German 19th-century organic chemist who founded the company.

They issued many sets of collectors cards featuring butterflies and moths in several languages across Europe.

View more examples from Leibig.
  Leibig Extract of Meat Company   Leibig Extract of Meat Company
Le Monde des Insectes - La Chocolaterie D'Aiguebelle
These collectors cards issued by Chocolat D'Aiguebelle contain some of the highest quality chromolithographs and are wonderfully detailed within an art nouveau inspired decorative frame.

The cards (known as Chromos in France) cover a vast range of subjects including this series of 50 cards portraying butterflies and moths.

View more examples from the D'Aiguebelle series.
  Le Monde des Insectes - La Chocolaterie D'Aiguebelle.   Le Monde des Insectes - La Chocolaterie D'Aiguebelle.
Royal Mail British Butterflies
A series of 4 stamps published on the 13th May 1981 featuring illustrations by Gordon Beningfield.

View more information about British Butterflies stamps.
  Royal Mail British Butterflies.   Royal Mail British Butterflies.